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A Red State Mystic.

Who is "A Red State Mystic?"

Who is "A Red State Mystic?"

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The Swoop

I'M GLAD YOU took the time to stop by my blog, A Red State Mystic. When not blogging, I go by the name Andy, after the disciple of Christ found in the Gospels. I was raised in the corn and bean fields of north-west central Indiana, graduated from high school, and took a "year-off" after graduation to wait tables in a mid-level Mexican Restaurant. In 2005 I began attending Milligan College, which is situated in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Tennessee.

WHILE IN COLLEGE, I was awarded the Lee B. Ledford scholarship for undergraduate research for work on Dr. John C. Wakefield's forthcoming book, Why Churches Worship The Way They Do: A History of Worship in the Stone-Campbell Movement. In the Summer of 2008, I was an intern at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter, a Mission of the Diocese of Atlanta, where 65% of the congregants were living with some form of a mental or emotional illness and most in abject poverty. Not a week goes by that I do not miss that place!

IN 2009, I graduated from Milligan College. Charmed by life in Southern Appalachia, I decided to make my home in Northeast Tennessee. Since the fall of that year, I am an intern at St. John's Episcopal Church, working on New Comer Minsitries, various liturical paraphernalias and whatever else my Priest wants me to do. I am also the "spiritual coordinator" for our burgeoning Young Adults ministry. I am hoping to enter into the Discernment process for the Episcopal Priesthood in 2012.

I HAVE BEEN blogging since the summer between my freshmen and sophomore years in High School (2001). If you want to go back in the archives and read "the old Andy" before God changed my life in November 2002, feel free to do so. In fact, my blog's user name is a constant reminder and vestige of my not-so-former life, emperor a f.  Originally, I began this blog with friends, it was a way to keep in touch with them, but over time, it has evolved into something completely different. No longer did I write about mundane matters of life, but sat down to write something (hopefully) substantive.

WHY DID I choose the name "A Red State Mystic?" For one, I live in a Red State. Secondly, Christian Mysticism has been a major influence on my life; authors such as St. Teresa of Avila (and the rest of the Carmelite gang) and Julian of Norwich have shaped my spiritual landscape. Even though I am no expert, it is the spiritual life where I have find great joy. Here is a little post on what I think it means to be a mystic.

GLAD TO HAVE you around; don't be a stranger.

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  • love the mystics!

    wow, your profile is quite interesting! the mystics you quoted was what particularly caught my eye. i haven't had the pleasure of reading a lot of their stuff, but st. john, teresa of avila and Madame Guyon are all beloved authors of mine, from what i've read anyway! i've read some merton, brother lawrence, desert fathers and lots of nouwen and more as well. its always nice to come across other's who feel the deep connection and longing for communion with God, the way they did!!! they are my link to a another world!!! for sure. Well God Bless, just thought i'd say hi, i really like the name and picture on your site. monks rule!!!!!!!!!!!!! shannon (www.annaswaiting.blogspot.com)
  • New Release Julian of Norwich


    I am Sister Madeleine at Paraclete Press and a new release Julian of Norwich, A contemplative Biography is being published. I would love to send you a copy to review for your blog. i think you and your readers would much appreciate it.If you would like,please email me at srmadeleine@paracletepress.com

    God Bless
    Sister Madeleine
  • (Anonymous)
    I grew up just south of Warsaw, IN. I also know Phil Kenneson through soemething called The Ekklesia Project. Did you take any classes with him while you were at Milligan?

    Matt Gunter
  • Hello!

    I'm a student at Loyola Chicago, helping out with an ACNA church plant in the city. Just stumbled on your blog searching for anglicans on lj. Looks pretty excellent.
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