Andy (emperoraf) wrote,

On 2010 and 2011


YOU MIGHT BE reading this and think to yourself, "Sweet Sassy Molassy, Andy, you're late!" If I were following the secular calendar, you'd be 100% correct and I wouldn't argue with you. But, as you well know, A Red State Mystic follows the Church Calender.

AS YOU WELL know, this is the calendar that was handed down to St. Pope Gregory the Great by Ss. Perpetua and Felicity in a dream. And as you well know, in 1198, the New Year's Celebrations were put on hold in the small town of Potenza, France because they were besieged by the Muhammadan Saracens. They had been besieged for so long that they didn't even have proper Christmas Feasts. Every day, the entire town gathered in the small chapel within the walls of Castle and prayed to St. Sexburga to release them from this evil hold and the Priest would offer the Mass. On January 11th, The Lord heard their prayers and delivered them from the scourge of siege by convincing the enemy that the neighboring town had more money. That night, they had a proper New Year's Eve Party and appropriately got -- what the French call -- "le smashed." And the Church has kept New Years on this date ever since. So, Happy New Year to you heathens.*

2010 Highlights:
Personal Predictions for 2011:
  • Some good things will happen.
  • Some bad things will happen.
  • Most of it will be forgettable.
Predictions for the Episcopal Church in 2011:
  • Someone "out there" (probably on one of the coasts) will do something "liberal": elect another openly homosexual Bishop, deny the dual nature of Christ or be entirely too "touchy-feely."
  • Everyone will react to this decision, either decrying it as an act of apostasy or as a "bold move of the Holy Spirit."
  • Recovering Evangelicals and disenchanted Romans will join.
  • Those wanting a solid stance on anything will go where they can share solid stances with those of like-minds.
  • The Eucharist will be given on Sundays.
  • The Daily Office will be said.
  • Babies will be baptized.
  • We will throw great parties.
Predictions for the US Government in 2011:
  • One party will do/say something about something.
  • The other party will overreact with childish histrionics not seen since Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Cable TV and Blogs will continue this ad nauseum.
IN OTHER WORDS, 2011 will be more of the same.

*: This entire paragraph is a fabrication. But you knew that.

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